Would you like to know what is trending on Twitter before Twitter even knows what’s trending on Twitter?

Hashtags.org Analytics can tell you which hashtags are trending, faster and more accurately than any other service available today.

Texting... A lot of EnergyWhat’s Trending on Twitter?

Trending topics are those topics being discussed more than others. As Twitter explains trending topics, “Twitter Trends are automatically generated by an algorithm that attempts to identify topics that are being talked about more right now than they were previously. The Trends list is designed to help people discover the ‘most breaking’ breaking news from across the world, in real-time. The Trends list captures the hottest emerging topics, not just what’s most popular.” Superbowl  25 million tweets

  • 80% of Twitter usage is on mobile – 70% of which at home
  • 25% audience purchased products via twitter,
  • 50% use twitter to give them latest news, personalized news
  • 15.2 million tweets on the #grammys hashtag
  • #pharrellsHat was a huge talking point
  • Mobile click stream analysis – 94% of twitter users shop on mobiles,
  • 56% of twitter users are influenced in what they purchase by what they see on twitter
  • 37% visit twitter before and or after shopping on their mobile
  • 1 in 3 say that twitter has a direct influence on their purchase decision

Popular Hashtags

TV/Entertainment: #dwts#glee#idol#xfactor    General: #news#love#photography#fashion#health#fail    Business: #jobs#business#sales#economy#marketing,#socialmedia#startup    Tech: #android#androidgames,#iphone#iphonegames#ipad,#ipadgames#app    Education: #edtech#education#lrnchat#teachers    Environment#climate#solar#globalwarming#drought    Social     Change#socialgood#cause#volunteer#4change    Astrology#gemini#capricorn#libra#aries#scorpio#virgo,#taurus#cancer#pisces#leo#sagittarius#aquarius



Be Uniquely Competitive

Dixon300x250Apples“What customers are looking for, instead of
products and services, per se, are consumable
experiences that are engaging.”

Competition is fierce in today’s economy and consumers know this. They can easily search the Internet to find companies that sell similar products or services at competitive prices. That’s why companies need to differentiate themselves by providing personalized and rewarding service that leverages the unique value of all customer touch points AND effectively marketing themselves and doing so.  If done well, an organization can transform customer service into a competitive advantage, to use it to turn a buyer into a customer for life.

While the type of service provided may vary the fundamental basics behind exceptional service that result in positive experiences remain the same. Take, for example, the automotive industry, which has turned
into one of the most competitive businesses anywhere.

The industry has traditionally been structured around product as opposed to service; however, there is a growing opportunity for both product and service-oriented businesses to differentiate their service offering.  Imagine the car buyer of the future is automatically provided a five-year full maintenance contract that puts the onus for all service activities on the car dealer. That is, it will be the vendor’s responsibility to manage the contract and warranties and to proactively contact the customer via the channel of the customer’s choice (email, phone, or text) when a particular service is required—say, an oil change or tire rotation.  Every three months, the customer gets an email reminding him of his next maintenance activity. The customer can easily click on the “schedule appointment” link provided in the email and select a day and time that works best for him. The day before his appointment, the customer receives an automated voicemail reminding him of his appointment. When the customer brings in his car, the vendor greets him by name and the car is quickly serviced.  With valuable personalized service like this, where do you think the customer will tell his family, his friends, his co-workers to go when they are ready to buy a new car?

This can be applied to almost every business.  The key is to give the consumer something they WANT, yes.  But give them something someone else might not give them and you’ll win them over.  Don’t you think?


Have you been spending more of your mobile time using smartphone apps than browsing the web?  Suffice it to say, you’re not alone.

There are more than a million apps available and users spend, on average, 82% of their mobile minutes with apps and just 18% with web browsers.  Below, I have listed the TOP 13 in alphabetical order of the very coolest that are convenient and provide social value.

Note: For consistency, all screenshots were taken from iTunes app store, but these apps are for iPhone AND Android based phones.

#1: Bump

Do you want to easily share documents with those around you?

With Bump you can share contact information, photos, videos and files by simply bumping two phones together. You can also share contacts, photos and files with others and sync with your computer.

“Send your contact info, photos and music to the people around you who have this app.”

iPhone | Android

#2: CardMunch Business Card Reader

Have you been holding onto a whole bunch of business cards from the last conference you went to? Looking for a solution for the cards you collected at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego?

Convert business cards to address book contacts and add them as connections on LinkedIn. CardMunch provides card-capture functionality for faster card scanning.

“Turns your business cards into contacts, now with LinkedIn integration.”

iPhone | Android *Yulu Card Reader

#3: Easy Note + To Do

To-do lists have a way of growing when you don’t chip away at them little by little. Using an app for note-taking and managing lists can make them feel much more doable.

The Easy Note + To Do app allows you to organize notes in folders, check items as complete, assign a due date and prioritize.

“Good basic functionality with an attractive and clutter-free design.”

iPhone | Android * EasyNote Notepad To Do List

#4: Foursquare

Whether you’re in a familiar location or somewhere new, Foursquare has your back and 30 million others, too.

“Open up the app to discover and learn about great places nearby, search for what you’re craving, and get deals and tips along the way.”

“I really like seeing what my friends are doing. It’s also useful to find places I’ve been before or remember when I was last at a certain place.”

iPhone | Android

#5:  Google+

You don’t need to decide whether to check Google+ or leave your desk.

The Google+ app will help you stay connected via hangouts, photos and updates from what your friends are sharing.

“Sometimes the best things in life are small and simple yet packed with powerful connections!”

iPhone | Android

#6: Instagram

Taking photos on a mobile phone offers users spontaneity plus the ability to visually transform a picture and share it immediately.

Instagram includes filters and borders, blur effects and easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare.

“A photo can say more than a status update ever will.”

iPhone | Android

#7: Meetup

Is online time usurping much of your day? There’s still nothing like the face-to-face experience.

The Meetup app will help locate meetups around topics of interest to youincluding social media, tech, business and entrepreneurship—and of course a range of fitness, hobbies, community, parenting and dog meetups, among others.

“It’s nice to see what people are doing in the community and be able to be involved.”

iPhone Android


#8: Odometer

Do you need to keep track of mileage for a business trip?

Odometer apps will simplify the process and help you store the date and number of miles traveled.

“Export history as .CSV file on Odometer +.”

iPhone * Odometer + $.99
Android* Odometer Free

#9: QR Reader

Whether you want to scan a QR code (Quick Response Code) or create one, there are a number of apps that will add meaning and destinations (websites, special offers, contact information, etc.) to those ubiquitous codes.

Use the QR Reader to check out how other businesses are using QR codes and see if one makes sense for your business.

“Has so many options, is easy to use and distributes my code!

iPhone Android *Scan

 #10: Square Register

What will your smartphone do next? Take credit cards?

If you’re headed to a tradeshow, conference or a community event where you’re planning to sell your products, the Square Register app makes it possible to swipe credit cards and have payments delivered to your bank account within 1-2 days.

“I love the convenience w/o the contracts and additional fees that are attached to the traditional credit card machine or merchant services contracts.”

iPhone Android

#11: UberSocial

UberSocial, previously known as Twidroyd, is a mobile app that enables users to post new tweets, monitor and keep up to date on hashtags, lists and people you follow, while also managing other multiple social accounts all in one place.

“It’s always been my most favorite mobile Twitter app because it’s so easy to use and has many features.”

iPhone Android

#12: WiFi Finder

Need to find WiFi areas while traveling to make a Skype call or save on some of those minutes?

The Wifi Finder app features over 550,000 free and paid locations in 144 countries worldwide.

“Found hot spots I didn’t know were in my town.”

iPhone | Android

#13: Zendesk

It seems fitting that the last app on our list would be focused on customer support.

In this article we’ve run the gamut of the sales process; for example, maintaining and engaging contacts, promoting businesses with photos, QR codes, credit card payments, plus more. Managing customer support via mobile phones has also become a necessity.

With Zendesk you can view, update and create new help desk tickets, configure support ticket fields and add comments.

“Very simple to use, giving you peace of mind while you’re on the move.”

iPhone | Android

What Social Media Can Do For You

"social buzz" "social media" "social media marketing"Are you involved with social media marketing in your business? If you’re not, what’s holding you back? There are many reasons you should seriously think about implementing a social media strategy for your business AND you can leverage it in so many profitable ways.  Social media because is marketing done a bit differently, but it IS NOT too difficult for a non-marketing person to maintain.

Just as you cannot be all things to all people in business, you need to be diligent in your approach to this new type of marketing. All you need to know about is getting your market into your marketing funnel, and so there is no time or need to spend it on any other market. The more condensed your efforts are, the more tailor made solutions you’ll be able to give to your audience by being in the right places. Probably the most effective strategy with this is attracting your audience to you rather than you spending too much time hunting for them. Your efforts should be more focused and relevant to what your aim is, rather than being too broad. You will discover there are various strategies with social media, and so it will be relatively easy to see what you need to do. These tips will help you broaden your knowledge on subjects such as Traffic Empires.

"Social Media Strategy"It is easy to get knee deep in social media related activities, so be aware of your time and how you spend it. Since you’re required to be active in the social media world to reap the real benefits, the whole activity may eat up a lot of your time. The important point is to manage your time with social media marketing because it can easily consume large amounts of it if you are not watchful. Remember that nothing is difficult with social marketing, but like everything else in business you do need to properly discharge your required business tasks.

Lots of businesses start off with a bang at sites like Facebook, and then in several weeks they grow tired of all the “interaction” and begin to slowly lose interest.consistency

Even though there are specific forms of communicating you will need to perform, still think along the lines of sharing highly relevant and useful content. The kind of content you create ultimately creates a good or a bad impression on your target audience, which is why it needs to be of high quality. Furthermore, still do SEO on that content unless it is being downloaded in PDF form. In the beginning you will be working on establishing your brand and reputation, and then afterward it is maintaining and expanding it. Whenever you compose any piece of content or even a comment somewhere, bear in mind the people you are talking to which is your niche market.

Social media can be used effectively for any business, as long as you know who your target audience is and how you’re going to approach it.

Mistakes to Avoid in 2013

Most businesses still approach social media marketing with lots of caution. A lot of social media influencers thought 2012 was the year most businesses would embrace social media marketing. But higher percentage of businesses are yet to benefit fully from social media.website-mistakes

Effective social media strategies have helped some businesses increase sales and generate more leads.  Other brands just do a poor job of generating revenue directly from social, hence the need to stay away from social platforms. These are some of the biggest mistakes you can avoid in 2013 to increase your chances of social media marketing success.

1.  Starting Without A Plan

You MUST have a plan and not just any plan, but a strategy that works. You should know where you are going, what you hope to achieve, how long you intend to achieve those goals. Have a plan of what to post, what to share, how to share it and where to share your content for maximum exposure.

2.  Inactivity on your social platforms

One of the worst things you can do as a ‘social media manager’ is to set up social consistencyaccounts without updates or getting your followers informed about what your business and how they can benefit from your product or  service.  If you intend to take advantage of social media, go all out and experiment with what works and stick with it. The important thing here is CONSISTENCY.  If you can’t be consistent, the social media will not help your business – in fact, it MAY hinder it.  You may not be active on all your social platforms, but you can be efficient on platforms that work and generate results. If you are going to launch a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc account, make sure that you have the time and resources to effectively use them.

3. Little or no monitoring

The fact that you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare or even Pinterest does not guarantee you will be successful at social media marketing. It’s a must to MONITOR your campaign. Identify what works, find out where you attract the most users or leads and double your efforts on your successful strategies. There is no point in scattering your resources when you can concentrate on what works and guarantees success.

4.  Posting irrelevant information

In desperation, so many companies hunting for better engagement begin to share  funny Very-Funnypictures, jokes and other content with their audience which do not have any relation with its products. Stay away from update, picture or information that is not consistent with what you have set out to do or achieve. People follow your or like your page because if what you started sharing or what you stand for. Do not jeopardize your social media campaign with irrelevant information. Do not be all things to all people.

5.  Listening without responding

Perhaps one of the biggest mistake of any social media marketing campaign is listening without responding. Not taking time to provide good response to customer comments. Most followers on your social pages tend to ask questions about your product or service directly on your Facebook page or it could be a tweet in expectation of a response. Monitor these comments, feedback and respond to them on time.

You cannot simply blast a bunch of product information and call it a day. If you want to be successful on social media , you need to engage your fans. When a fan reaches out to you through social media, you need to respond quickly. Don’t just post product updates, but participate and build relationships. Remember your followers are real people like you.

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